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Monday, April 25, 2011

Is this money phenomenon happening to any other soon-to-be adoptive mamas?

Today, I found out that I lost not only my cell phone but that my guitar has also been possibly stolen along with an expensive case and detachable pick up, a tuner and my capo.  I need my guitar because I play for two seperate praise and worship teams!  This all happend no less than a week after, while laying face down on the floor, sobbing and praying about our adoption, my husband walked in and informed me that he's lost a $900 peice of Army equiptment that was unreplaceable unless purchaced at full price.  Ugg!  Why is all this happening when we are trying to save for an upcomming adoption???
I should've listened to my friend Kryste who warned me that, when saving up for an adoption, money will start disapearing.  Things will break, get stollen and get lost.  Satan knows we are trying to save and things will start happening.  I don't know if I'm worried now that I'm on satan's radar about money or happy that God is using this time to confirm the whole adoption concept to me. 
I will miss my guitar and phone but you know what:  it's all replaceable.  I guess this is all part of the process. 


  1. That totally means you are on Satan;s radar! He knows you wok for God and are following His will so he needs to watch you and is trying to break you! I have had so many things go wrong these last 13 days since Chris left. I basically told satan to shove it and that we would THRIVE through this deployment because it is GODs will, and yeah. He is trying to break me. But too bad... because GOD's got our backs!

  2. When you decide to adopt you have a big HUGE target on your back... Satan will come at you. My friend Heidi says " Whatever Satan,you're so lame!".

    Jehoveh Jireh, He will provide. He funds what He favors. I remind myself of that EVERYDAY since we started fundraising 15 months ago. Just keep counting it all as joy. :)